Friday, January 23, 2009

Policies of "change" of the Messiah

Three days into the new administration and the first actual actions by the Messiah are now more than simply words of hope and change.

His first action was to sign an Executive Order to close Guantanamo within 12 months. This decision was made despite a Pentagon briefing that 61 enemy combatants held and released from Guantanamo have reentered the War on Terror against the civilized world, and just as information was made public that Said Ali al-Shihri, suspected of involvement in a deadly bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Yemen's capital, is now the deputy leader of Al Qaeda's Yemeni branch. Al-Shihri was once held and released from Guantanamo into the custody of the Saudi government, under pressure from Democrats and their liberal base to prevent this government from holding enemy combatants. This first action also was made with no plan whatsoever to where the prisoners currently held in Guantanamo will go once this high-security facility outside the United States is closed. Consider the false, but repeated charges against Bush of no exit strategy in Iraq? Bush has won that war, if Obama doesn't screw it up, and exit from Iraq is being calculated in months now, and not the decades that Democrats falsely charged in the campaign. So where is Obama's exit strategy once Guantanamo is closed? Does an exit strategy matter now to his supporters, or is that a standard only applied to Bush?

The next priority of Obama has been apparently to respond to the pro-abortion forces that were among his greatest election allies. Today Obama is to sign another Executive Order that will authorize use of taxpayer money, with our without our consent, to fund training and execution of abortions overseas. In simpler terms, without congressional action, the Messiah has approved the use of my tax dollars and yours to terminate the lives of unborn human beings. No vote. No debate. Just the signature of the new agent of change and hope. I would argue that the killing of unborn children offers those children little hope, unless of course an unborn child can hope to be killed?

So just three days into a new administration we have some real actions that will result in real change. The first real actions anyone can probably cite from Obama? A prison to hold the worst of America's enemies in the War on Terror will be closed with no plan to deal with these terrorists, and pro-abortion advocates are being handed taxpayer money to promote their destruction of life worldwide.

Have pro-life, pro-national security citizens of the United States given Obama sufficient time to "make the change we can believe in"? For this American, these acts alone have ended the honeymoon.

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