Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Campaign of lies

And I'm not referring to Obama's campaign, even though it is growing daily in desperate falsehoods. The campaign of lies I'm referring to is the campaign being run by the old media in this nation to help Obama con his way to victory. Only in America could the media portray a socialist as a savior and make it even close.

But today's New York Times hit-piece on McCain campaign manager Rick Davis is just the latest. Not the worst. Not the first. But just the latest. Oh, and a complete and total lie.

Liberal propaganda rags like the New York Times, or the Seattle Times and Seattle PI, simply hope that the majority of Americans will hear the lies, but never read the truth. Whether through manipulation of polls, or outright fraud in journalism, the old media in America is the real villain. More so than the liberal Democrats who thwart reforms and blame other for crises, or root for defeat and surrender in Iraq. No, the national media is what forms perception within the majority of the electorate, and it is the force that is leading Americans to support and vote for the vary people who would destroy America for a little bit of power.

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