Sunday, August 31, 2008

Democrats love disasters they can exploit

Michael Moore: Hurricane Coming During GOP Convention 'Proof There Is a God in Heaven'

Controversial filmmaker admits he's delighted to see a natural disaster potentially interfere with the Republican event.

Moore's statement and glee over the hardship about to befall thousands of Americans giving Demcorats another crisis to exploit speaks for itself and requires no further comment.

Then just recently I heard Congresswoman Rosa DeLora (D-CT) on Fox highlighting Democrats' prayers and efforts to help the region where Gustav is about to hit. If only I and others believed it. The sorry reality is that the translation of her statement more likely reads, we're here and ready to exploit another natural disaster for political gain. In fact, it was during the Democrat Convention that many Democrats and liberals in the media started laying the groundwork for the suspension of the Republican Convention, because of the pending hurricane.

Then she started in on the old, tired attacks on Bush and Cheney for their efforts during and after Katrina. And again, this Democrat distorted the fact that Bush and Cheney were powerless until the governor of Louisiana, a Demcorat, asked for help. She didn't ask. New Orleans mayor Nagin, a Democrat, also didn't ask for help until late into the disaster. And as defined by law, Bush had to wait until the governor and mayor had made a debacle out of the disaster. But the Democrats and media didn't hesitate to start the blame of the federal government for their slow response, while ignoring the dereliction of duty by their governor and mayor.

There may be a higher being helping the Democrats, but it sure the heck isn't God. I tend to believe their ally comes from a considerably warmer climate to the south.

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