Saturday, April 09, 2011

The 2011 Budget 'Deal'

Democrats knew they couldn't defend their budget spending while they controlled Congress, so they simply didn't try to adopt a 2011 Budget. No, they left that as a trap for the Republicans to fall into, and it worked. It wreaked of Chicago style politics, via Rahm Emanuel.

It may already be too late, but until 2013, Republicans will never have more support than they had to turn this Titanic around than they did before this deal. We currently live in a nation being governed by an administration through regulations. The GOP only has so many options to bring Obama to the table and share governing with Congress until 2013. This 2011 budget battle was the first and best opportunity for the GOP to be 'significant'.

This was not a GOP victory. It was perhaps a small political victory, but in the fight to derail the Marxist/Progressive train, it was a huge defeat. $38.8 Billion in cuts while facing a $1.5 trillion deficit is nothing. In fact, far worse than nothing, because it blesses the abuses of the taxpayers that Democrats perpetrated to get us to this point in our history. Do people already forget the Democrats' $787 Billion pork-laden, pro-government Stimulus Bill? These cuts don't even equal 5% of that outrage.

No, the GOP had their best opportunity to stop this madness last night, until they started looking at media polls and started worrying about their next campaigns.

The risks this nation faces are as large as those faced in our greatest wars. Yet wars are lost if a nation cannot find the heroes to put it all on the line to be victorious. We needed heroes to not just win a small battle, but to turn the war around against the Progressive left. We now see there are still no heroes we can count on.

Fighting the increases in the Debt Ceiling? Not a chance there. Cutting trillions over 10 years in the 2012 budget? Why should we think the GOP will be any more courageous than what we've just witnessed?

Really stopping taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, NPR, and hundreds of other wasteful programs? No, last night's deal is not a win. And it certainly is NOT a good sign of future courage by GOP leaders.

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