Wednesday, October 13, 2010

America's Last Chance

In a sense I'm thankful for Obama. The drip-drip of Progressivism has taken its toll on America for a hundred years, changing education, history, values and beliefs in such a way that the very foundation of America has nearly crumbled. Even with McCain, that movement to the left was going to continue, and millions of Americans would have remained asleep to the 'fundamental transformation' of America long underway.

Obama has opened the floodgates on radical Socialism based on Marxism. His administration has taken corporate influence to new levels, and ethical behavior is unwelcome now anywhere in government. People are awake. Those who don't see that dangers of Progressivism today will likely never see it, or they've become so dependent on the system that they feel no choice but to continue to support it. But I'm warning you, that's a choice that will lead to the eventual ruin for every American and our progeny for decades and decades.

The question is whether enough people have been awakened to end this nightmare? Or should I say, end the nightmare of certain economic collapse? Returning sanity to Govt - and I will be the first to say that putting Republicans back into power is certainly not a guarantee - is but the first step in what's going to be a very painful series of steps if we are going to save America. Are we up to the sacrifices that we must accept if we're to preserve a nation for our children and grandchildren? Are we prepared to abandon unsustainable bribes we call public pensions, social security, Medicare & Medicaid that are operating in the RED today? We won't have that answer after election day in November. That answer will come months and years later, when Americans will prove whether we're capable of saving ourselves, or whether we're destined to starve the nation to death with our self-interest. Can we put the futures of our children and grandchildren ahead of what we believe will be comfortable retirements?


When I watched Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally I regained some hope. But what did I see but people arguing for cuts to spending and taxes. I didn't see people who necessarily understood the consequences in a society where government has addicted EVERYONE to some level of government largess.

Then I watched coverage of the One Nation Rally, with its Communists, unions and assorted leftists demanding 'well-paying jobs' despite the reality that poorly-educated Americans have either earned well-paying jobs, or are even capable of competing in the Global Economy against people who are better educated, aren't unionized, and work for a fraction of less-educated Americans.

November is not the end of this awakening. It's barely the beginning. If the GOP takes either House of Congress, or even both, they will not be in a position to implement or repeal anything Obama refuses to sign. They won't have the votes to override Obama vetoes. That means that Obama can govern by Executive Order and Congress won't even have the ability to stop him without enough Dems supporting efforts to override presidential vetoes.

The only tool the GOP will have is to refuse to appropriate funds. With that will come accusations from the Democrats and their tools in the mainstream media that the GOP 'wants to shut down the government and starve Americans'. And with that will come the calls for the GOP to protect all those Americans dependent on a check from the government. Will the GOP be able to sustain such an effort to reduce spending and reform bankrupt federal programs? With Dems and MSM attacking them, it's unlikely. So where will Americans stand?

The real awakening will come when Americans fully understand the cost of saving America from a century of unsustainable redistribution of wealth and empty promises. If Americans are prepared to return to self-reliance once those costs are made clear, America may have a chance. If self-interest and refusal to drastically cut the size and scope of government is the response, then November will be little more than a blip on the path to fiscal collapse and something much, much darker to follow.

I hope we're still a people up to the greatness our Founders demonstrated when they invented America. Because if we're not, we have no more chances.


Anonymous said...


The Democrats might be pieces of shit, but you're just as delusional if you think for a minute that the GOP gives a shit about yoU!

They are the party of the super-rich, and they use stupid normal people to do all there preaching. The rich rape America while morons like you complain about the "socialists". It's happened before (1920s, 1950s) with the scare tactics against commies and socialists, and it happens again.

Have fun in the SHITHOLE country your GOP buddies are giving us. Bush EIGHT YEARS in office -3 Trillion dollar war, and now you complaining after 2 years of Obama, HAHA HAHA HAHA!

You'll have your Republican everything in 2012 and you can blame Obama for all the problems forever as the Republicans ruin things forever.


Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, you sir must be stoned as the one question that has been asked to you tools again and again but you can't answer it, who's going to pay for all your gov't handout programs? NOT ME! You can sign your paycheck over to these snakes but I'm not and neither is America as you were shown on Nov. 2 get a life and move from mommy's basement you backyard cretin.