Saturday, May 01, 2010

Crime Inc.

Unless you watch Glenn Beck or read this article from Investors Business Daily, there's another incredible scandal brewing involving all the regular players. It starts with an unknown organization called the Joyce Foundation that funds the George Soros Tides Foundation, that has provided cover for leftists to contribute to leftist causes with anonymity.

Beck has uncovered a massive conspiracy involving Obama, Jarrett, the Joyce Foundation, Goldman Sachs and several of its executives independently, Al Gore, and a myriad of radicals that are behind the Chicago Carbon Exchange. This $10 Trillion a year redistribution scheme trading an invisible gas involves Franklin Raines who made $90 million at Fannie Mae over just 5 years as its president, and who was found to have corrupted Fannie's books to even further expose the taxpayer to risk in purchasing trillions in bad mortgage loans that could have been halted in 2002 if regulation hadn't been blocked by the Dems in the Senate.

While at Fannie Mae, Raines purchased software for managing the trading of CO2 in the Carbon Exchange (CCX). The exchange would basically require American industry, and ultimately the consumer, to buy CO2 credits from nations with little or no industry. Effectively a massive wealth redistribution scheme with the players involved cyphoning off billions for themselves.

No one apparently asked why Fannie Mae needed such software and why the taxpayer ultimately purchased it for this Government Sponsored Enterprise, but with sponsorship from the WH's Obama and Valerie Jarrett, Al Gore owns 1/5th of the CCX along with two Goldman Sachs executives. Goldman bought 10% of the CCX later for just $21 million.

The mastermind behind the entire scheme, or the 'wizard' behind the curtain as Beck says, is a guy by the name of Joel Rogers. This radical Wisconsin college professor has tried to stay out of the limelight, but is one of the true leaders of the radical socialist/marxist progressive movement in America. He's a founder of the New Party, and involved everywhere in the leftist Progressive Movement. His bio here on KeyWiki shows his involvement with socialist initiatives for decades. He's even tied to Richard Cloward, of the Cloward-Piven strategy, and is linked to the most well-known leftists radicals in America.

This massive ripoff of the American taxpayer/consumer could explain EVERYTHING that is going on. The MSM could be involved for a piece of the action, and the only thing this scheme needs is the Cap & Trade bill to be adopted by the Senate.

With the money that this assault on America would generate, based on the lie of man-made Global Warming, the Dems could buy their way into control for decades.

Of note is the fact that NONE of this came up during the Senate Hearings on Goldman Sachs. I wouldn't doubt that the entire Federal Government has been corrupted by this scheme, that Beck has labelled, "Crime Inc."

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