Friday, February 13, 2009

Stimulus? The rape is complete

Too late to fight it. Not enough time to read it. Every single senate Democrat and all but 7 Democrats in the House voted for it. 90 minutes of debate and the taxpayer is now on the hook for $787 Billion to grow government and give government more control. Boy, we're glad they pushed it through with less than a day for anyone to see it, so Pelosi could head off to the Vatican. Without a single member of Congress physically capable of reading the final bill, and even with the help of three Republicans who couldn't possibly of read the bill, it is now law.

Susan Collins (Republican - Maine)
Olympia Snowe (Republican - Maine)
Arlen Specter (Republican - Pennsylvania)

I hope that when the history of this crossroads is written about, and hopefully by historians living in an America that still exists, that the part these three played in this betrayal of all Americans is noted with all the disdain and disgust that every other Democrat will have earned who blindly supported this railroading of the American people.

What is a political party that allows those within its ranks to so willfully spit on the principles and responsibilities of the people they are elected to represent?

At least we know what to expect from the 21st century Democrat. But what these three have helped to orchestrate is beyond forgiveness.

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