Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Liberals like to call the Bush years the Decade of Greed. By their thinking, people getting educated and working to achieve the American Dream makes them greedy if they choose to use their wealth to improve their lives and the lives of their children and family. Generally the result of education, hard work, and taking risks, the opportunity to earn more is the incentive that grows business, creates jobs, generates more taxes, and helps our economy grow. But let's talk about real greed. That would be the greed of the Obama years should he win on November 4.

The definition of the word, "greed" is simply; "the excessive desire for more than one needs or deserves." Consider all the arguments that could be spawned by this definition of greed?

Let's start with the first part; "the excessive desire for more than one needs." Who decides what is more than one needs? Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are going to decide. Yes, Obama and the socialists in Congress will define what is appropriate or acceptable. And as they do, so they will suppress the incentive that has made the American economy the most productive economy in the world, and America the leader of the world. Barack Obama will know what is too much, and if you dare to pursue something that one of Obama's constituency can't afford, watch out, because Obama will see to it that you can't afford it either, or he'll punish you for the right to spend your money where you wish.

But how about the second part of the definition of greed; "the excessive desire for more than one deserves." Who is going to decide what someone deserves? Yes, Obama and the socialists in Congress again. Barack and the Democrats in Congress will decide whether you deserve the fruits of your own labor, or whether the fruits of your labor should be taken from you and given to that unemployed high school dropout who refuses to seek out additional education or training.

Not to leave all the blame with the socialists in the Democrat Party; who will have given them the power to take from some to give to others? Yes, the people who vote for Obama will be the ultimate cause of the coming age of American socialism. And what is motivating a huge percentage of them? Yes, it is pure greed.

They are the portion of America that already pays little or nothing to make government work. The bottom 50% of wage earners pay less then 3% of all the income taxes. Their retirement payroll deductions, often cited by the left as taxes they do pay, doesn't begin to cover the costs of their Social Security or Medicare either. They are the ones buying into Obama's class warfare argument and the socialist promise of sharing the wealth. They are just fine with the idea of being given other people's money. Therefore, it is many of the Obama supporters, that in general, demand more than they need, and certainly more than they deserve.

The left can call the Bush years the decade of greed, but if you really want to label a decade, or a group of Americans as greedy, there can be no more obvious group of Americans than supporters of Obama, or Democrats in general, who couldn't care less about any of Obama's or the Democrat's advertised policies, except one. They are waiting for their check from the government. Yes, that check paid for with other people's money.

For those paying attention, the real Decade of Greed has just begun, coinciding with the Age of Obama Socialism that could be ushered in on November 4. But it doesn't have to happen. Joe Biden tried to tie patriotism to paying more taxes, even though the targeted top 5% of taxpayers already pay more than 60% of all the income taxes. But for those that pay little or no income taxes, wouldn't it be a truly patriotic act to say no to class warfare and income redistribution? Wouldn't the real patriotic act be for those with less to take responsibility for themselves and refuse to bought with other people's money?

Saying a loud "NO" to socialism would be the most patriotic thing any American could do on November 4.

Election day will be the real defining moment for America. On November 4 we will all know whether we are a nation of patriots, or a nation driven by the greed of those at the bottom of our society's income scale.

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