Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Democrat hypocrisy - So what if Bush fires some US attorneys?

It was March of 1993, when Bill Clinton's new Attorney General, Janet Reno, announced the firing of all 93 US Attorneys across the United States. All were Republican carryovers, but Republican disgust and outrage at the firings, and especially with two of them involved in the middle of corruption investigations in Arkansas and Washington DC, was all but ignored by the Democrats in control of Congress and the mainstream media. There were no hearings, no threats to call administration officials before Congress to testify, and no daily media headlines on the alleged outrage.

So what is the difference today? President Bush has decided to unload 8 US attorneys that he feels are not cutting the mustard. He appointed them, and he's not satisfied with their record. Several have either dragged their feet, or completely ignored voter fraud charges levied against Democrats, like our own John McKay here in Washington. But listen to hypocrites like Charles Schumer (D-NY) and you'd think the Democrats had found their first genuine Bush scandal.

Message to Democrats and their allies in the media; this is no scandal, and you know it! These appointees work at the pleasure of the POTUS. They can be hired and dismissed at his discretion, and certainly at any time they fail to follow the administration's goals and concerns.

And while you're reading the daily rehashing of this trivial event by papers like our Seattle Times, take note that they completely neglect to place these dismissals into perspective. No mention of how Clinton fired all 93 and the investigations he squelched. Bush's 8 are likely out because they refused to take on corruption in government, and that's just the opposite reason Clinton fired all 93 just after taking office.

So now another Bush administration official, AG Alberto Gonzalez, has to respond to trumped up charges and calls for resignation. Maybe the purveyors of these false charges should themselves resign, such as Charles Schumer and John Conyers, (D-Mich)? At some point shouldn't those making the false charges be held accountable? I know, when are Democrats ever held accountable for their actions? They certainly never take responsibility for their actions, and feel perfectly comfortable living by a different standard than Republicans.

But it sure would be nice, some day, if the voters of this country would hold them to the same standard as Republicans. I suppose that will start the day the old media starts to act fair and balanced.

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