Thursday, February 08, 2007

Global Warming - young minds full of mush - and propaganda

I was saddened to get my latest Cal Poly Alumni email and read of the Global Warming proponents polluting the minds of young college students at my alma mater. I'm forced to admit that whenever I read of a New York Times reporter doing or writing anything these days, I shutter at what fiction and spin has been included, not unlike my reaction to Seattle Times or PI stories when I'm bored enough to even read one. But to hear of these reporters making the rounds at college campuses to make their claims, and certainly without balance or rebuttal, that makes the hairs on my arms stand up.

Environmental crises ahead, journalist says

This reporter refers to the "Tyranny of Balance," the charge that "for every Ph.D. there is an equal and opposite Ph.D." He blames opposition to the man-made Global Warming claims on the oil industry; another convenient villain, and that any suggestion or attempt to dismiss the left's theories of this contrived crisis should be ignored. The reality is that this whole Global Warming scare is just one more effort by the left and their allies in the old media to advance another environmental crisis through sheer media forcefulness with little science to back it up.

In the same sentence where he attacks the oil industry, he laughably promotes "journalists' inherent desire to be balanced" as the credibility supporting his wild and irresponsible fear-mongering and unsupported charges of doom. We've all come to understand that if such a "desire" truly exists, it is very often overwhelmed by reporters' greater desire to promote their beliefs and agenda.

The frightening thing is that a reporter can equate to an unbiased scientist on a college campus because he took a trip to the North Pole or has been an environmental writer for 7 whole years. But does he have any scientific background at all? And while there are certainly many unbiased scientists out there, even science is easily corrupted by grant dollars and personal career advancement.

I just wonder where the balance is at Cal Poly on the issue of Global Warming. After all, balance should not only apply when the left wishes to counter or silence the right, but equally applied when mouthpieces from the most biased paper in America talk on college campuses.

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