Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Silver Linings

From a 2008 presidential perspective the blowout on election night may not all be bad news. Now the Democrats will have to fight their natures to tax, spend and focus on anti-Bush policies that would really push this nation in the wrong direction. More importantly, seeing Democrats back in a position where they actually have to propose legislation and adopt it is going to lift the veil they have been hiding under in their anti-Bush obstruction agenda since 2000.

If conservatives really want the American people to see who these Democrats are, and in such a way that not even a biased liberal media can cover it up, we are about to get the real contrast between the parties coming into the 2008 presidential election. All of those Americans that voted against Republicans without caring who they were replacing them with are about to get a clear view of the liberal agenda from the Congress from both barrels!

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Charlie said...

The Republicans need to refocus and regroup before 2008, but I think that they'll do well in two years.