Thursday, October 12, 2006

No bias in the Media? Yeah, right. And George W. Bush forced Clinton to give North Korea a nuke

Here's a letter I sent to my local papers yesterday, including the Seattle Times and PI.


Media bias – how to impact an election

In 1994, United States Representative Mel Reynolds (D) was indicted for having sex with a young girl starting when she was 16. When the victim allegedly arranged for a 3-way with another 15-year-old, Reynolds was recorded as stating, “Did I win the Lotto?”

So how was the 1994 indictment of Reynolds covered by the TV networks? ABC didn’t cover it at all. CBS and NBC each gave it one evening report, while CBS threw in one morning story.

When Reynolds was convicted a year later, there were 16 total stories. ABC did just a single story on the entire scandal. CBS did five, with only one evening news story, and NBC did 10 stories, but again, just one evening report. A total of 19 reports covered the indictment and conviction of a Democrat child rapist.

Now we’re on the verge of an election and the media has lost all semblance of neutrality with the Foley scandal. This media-proclaimed “Republican” scandal has exploded, despite the fact that there is not a shred of evidence that anyone in Republican leadership knew about Foley’s explicit messages. But how have the networks covered this story compared to the Reynolds outrages of a decade ago?

ABC, CBS and NBC have covered this scandal with no less than 55 evening news reports, with another 97 morning news reports. No bias in the media? A Democrat child rapist gets 19 news stories, while a Republican author of sexually explicit messages gets 152+. Is this journalism or Democrat

Source: Media Research Center,

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