Monday, October 23, 2006

Hillary Clinton - who cares if she's had plastic surgery?

What matters is whether she's still a social liberal pretending to be moderate. Does she still support nationalized health care? Did she look the other way at allegations of sexual assault by her husband? Does she really place the security of Americans above her rise to power, or are her regular attacks on the Bush administration just another example of her selfish desire to sit in the White House someday?

Has she accomplished anything in her 6 years in the United States Senate except provide the MSM with false-gravitas that it will use to justify her candidacy for president in 2008?

But does it matter that, like her positions on virtually any issue, that she has crafted a physical image as well as a facade on those policies?

I believe that what Hillary would offer America is ugly and a fraud. I believe that she is working every day to create a facade to cover the real ugliness in her personality and the real direction she'd take America. As for physical apperance, I suppose my understanding of her history and actions during her husband's administration has left me seeing her ugliness regardless of how she may or may not manage her physical appearance.

Remember those days when Bill would dye his hair to be attractive to an audience versus another? You know what I mean. Like the day his hair was white when he appeared on Phil Donahue, or brown with gray over the ears when speaking at a college.

People should remember that some of the most wonderful people in the world are very unattractive in appearance, while some of history's biggest losers were physically beautiful. Too bad so many let appearance get in the way of rational thought and critical analysis before they cast that vote, huh? I suppose if so many weren't swayed by a pleasant smile, a politician's fake sincerity, or general attractiveness, we could have avoided the Clinton years where sex was redefined, a real presidential liar was impeached, and Americans learned first-hand that there are consequences to ignoring the terrorist threats against America.

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