Tuesday, May 02, 2006

So who's fighting for the American citizen in the illegal immigration debate?

Here are two organizations fighting for real immigration reform. You should check them out to counter the overwhelming flood of bull coming out of the left through every media orifice they control. These organizations support reforming present laws to protect our borders and not dismantle them. They're fighting the depression of wages for citizens as a result of illegal workers, and fighting to reduce the costs to the taxpayers to support illegals through government programs, education, and health care:

Wasthingtonians for Immigration Reform

Federation for Immigration Reform

Also check out, Costs of Illegal Immigration to Floridians: Executive Summary for a detailed look at the costs of illegal immigration in Florida. Florida is probably not all that different than Washington in the costs supporting illegal immigration.

Finally, read FAIR's 7 Principles of True Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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Anonymous said...

the problem is we have no choices at the polls general its dumb or dumber. my personal opinion is that they have exported all the jobs they can and the ones they can't they will import the workers. immigratio reform to me is 1. change the constituiton to elimated the possibility of 'birthright citizenship', citizen ship follow the parents e.g. mexican parents mexican children regardless of where they are born. 2. fines for employers of illegals only to start first fine say 160k second 320k third 640k follow the progressing. 3. if your are caught being illegal no chance of citizenship period, no by marriage, none, no excemptions. 3. illegals cannot attend schools in the us. I think I had afew more.