Tuesday, September 27, 2005

King County - where fairness and common sense have been replaced with whatever they can get away with - for developers

Read the latest "blessing" from the King County Ombudsman of DOT and DDES conspiracies to keep the permit fees flowing from their favorite developer. Her findings are in response to my complaint alleging the intentional halting of traffic counts on Novelty Hill Road to maintain the flow of permit fees into King County.

Oh, and be aware that the October 2004 count the report refers to, somehow was never disclosed to anyone prior to this report, despite at least 2 PDA requests from myself and one other person requesting all traffic counts for NHR . Of course, I'm sure that was just an "oversight", "ineptitude", or some other such "accident" that again benefitted this developer, like every mistake always does, as was the failure by the ombudsman to include its results in this report.

  • County makes permit conditions.
  • County makes sure conditions are meaningless.
  • Ombudsman's office make certain that county gets away with it.
It's the perfectly engineered system to hand control of land use decisions to the developers who fund DOT and DDES, and shift the real billions in infrastructure costs to us, the foolish taxpayers.

Picking this apart would fill volumes, and be equally as futile as the complaint was in the first place.



I couldn't resist. This report was full of so much bulls**t I had to respond. Futile I know, but I knew that going in.

Response to Ombudsman

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